Friday, 21 September 2012

Super powers

I just love the little dint Willa has in her bottom lip, its oh so cute. I catch her practicing her pout all the time haha...I'm sure she'll be using this super power on her Dad to get her way before too long! I will have to remind Chad to look away when she plays the cute card, hahahaha.

But for now i will enjoy all the cuteness she can throw at us! That is until she becomes like her big brother and yells..."No click mummy!" too.


Soccer time...

Cohen was given a cute mini Manchester United uniform from our friends when they returned from overseas, and boy does he think he's pretty special wearing it. He races around the backyard like a super star.

Cohen getting his Russell Crowe 'No paparazzi photos' face on.

When i tried get him to stay still for a photo he ran away, as i followed him her turned and yelled "NO CLICK! Mummy!!! NO CLICK!" ...hahahahaha what a spoil sport!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bath time

Willa is now big enough to join Cohen in the bath. Not only is it much easier bathing the two of them, its so cute to see Willa falling over with laughter as Cohen makes faces at her. It makes any of the chaos from the day disappear. They make my heart sing!

As much as its double trouble with two, watching them grow together is going to be so much fun. I love that she watches him where ever he goes with such interest and as soon as he comes within a meter of her, her face lights up and her smile beams.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Our back deck has created so much more space for Cohen to run around and play, summer is going to be great! We now have a lush green lawn and an area to set up a toddler pool. I can sit back and relax on the deck and watch the kids enjoy the sun.

Mean while until its hot enough to fill up the pool, the deck is getting a workout as a race track. With Cohen riding his race car around and around and around and around! Loads of fun.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Time is flying

I wanted to post this last Friday when Willa turned 6 months, but we did not have internet connection, so here it is.

6 months old already! I know its a cliche but the past 6 months has really flown...much quicker than i remember the first 6 months with Cohen. Probably because we run around all week to different activities trying to entertain an energetic toddler! None the less i am still asking myself where has the time gone!? She has started 'real food', begun to roll, sit and wants ever so badly to be able to crawl. Our little newborn has grown into a smiling, laughing, snuggly baby girl. With so much sunshine in her smile you can't help but giggle back at her when she stares at you with her blue eyes. Willa Cameron we love you xx


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Seriously obsessed with TOOOOLS!

We head out to the backyard for an afternoon play most days to burn off the last of the 'toddler energy' before the chaos of dinner, bath, books and bed begins. And without fail Cohen will rummage through the garage to find some toooools to play with. He has been lucky enough to be given an old drill from his Poppy so he doesn't keep "borrowing" daddy's. He know's exactly where its kept, and even tries to plug it into the brick wall when the battery starts to die, mumbling "needs charge" as he walks toward the wall charger in hand.

If he keeps this interest up he'll be building his own house by the time he's in high school.


Summer sunshine comes early

The warmer weather has definitely brightened up the last weeks of winter, and with it we took the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D and headed down to Southport. There is a great park on the water and Cohen just loved running around finding 'jellies' and exploring the dunes.

His stance makes me laugh so much...this can only mean trouble. (He will kill me when he is older)

Looking forward to summer trips down to the coast this year. Really think Cohen will enjoy the beach more he has got over his fear of sand haha.