Monday, 30 January 2012


Building high up to the sky 

Cohen has a newly found favourite game to play, (even though we have had mega blocks in the house for almost a year) he has just discovered the fun in building a tower as high as he can reach. We sit and build till we run out of blocks, then tip it over with such joy, and re-build it all over again. Good fun on a rainy day.


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Daddy down time

Story time with Dad

After another day stuck inside from the rain, it was a relief when Chad came home to amuse Cohen with some books. Its true that boys need to burn off their energy outside - cabin fever has truly set in in our house. Maybe tomorrow we can put on the gumboots and splash around in the puddles!?


Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

Stuck inside out of the wet weather, had to make our own fun...

Our 'deck party' plans got cancelled after all the wet weather, so Cohen Chad and I had a lazy indoors days (which was actually really lovely). Just the 3 of us was nice for a change, and Chad even took a day off his reno's duties to chill out. Looking forward to rescheduling the deck party however as we now have quite the set up out there for a great summer BBQ!


Catch up

My apologies for this photo heavy post. We haven't had internet for the past week and things have been a little busy so here's a catch up....

TUESDAY, 17 JAN - Trying to hide from me at Bedtime....and wont give up his pirates!

WEDNESDAY, 18 JAN - Bubbles of fun, testing out how bubbles taste.

THURSDAY, 19 JAN - Hiding in his new favourite place, our wardrobe. Always gets so excited when i come to find him!

FRIDAY, 20 JAN - Visiting GoMA kids, caught him 'eating' the spot stickers, rather than sticking them....guess they do look like lollies!?

SATURSDAY, 21 JAN - Helping Dad with the 'handy man' duties

SUNDAY, 22 JAN - "Say aghhhh Daddy", just feeding Dad his lunch

MONDAY, 23 JAN - Loving the new lawn and the new sprinkler!

TUESDAY, 24 JAN - Getting his 'male model' posing on...

WEDNESDAY, 25 JAN - So cool!

Say Cheeeeeese.....

Yes it was a very busy week indeed....lots of chaos, cheek and especially lots of fun and laughs!


Monday, 16 January 2012

Rain Day

Watching the rain outside 

Trying to explain to a toddler why he can't go outside because its raining is harder than it sounds, especially if your son is anything like mine! With clinically diagnosed 'askaholic' on my hands the phrase "whats that!?" is thrown around every 2.03 seconds, so when we are contained into the four walls of our house this can prove a little trying at times. None the less we made the most of our day indoors. My skills at creating games out of helping me tidy the house are starting to develop, however this is a skill i plan to master before to long. I'll keep you posted on my development....

Longing to be outside to play with his trucks in the dirt!

We did manage to get a fair amount done around the house and still have a lot of cuddles and laughter, so i think Cohen wasn't too disappointed that he didn't get to go and run around his new backyard. Fingers crossed it rains for the rest of the week and fines up for the weekend, leaving us with lush green grass.


Sunday, 15 January 2012


Cohen's new water table from Santa has been an endless source of fun!

Cohen loves his new pirate ship water table that Santa left for him. Filling up all the buckets and watching the water get pumped up the mast and run down through the all the propellers occupies him for hours. Thank you Santa for such a great present.


Saturday, 14 January 2012


Finding out just how much fun a sprinkler can be 

With the new lawn comes a lot of watering, and a sprinkler was a necessity. Not only does it mean we don't have to stand out there for hours and hose, but Cohen has found out just how much fun can be had running in and out of the falling water. This is going to be a great investment for fun times ahead!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Summer loving

All this sunshine calls for one dress code - nudie! 

One good thing about all this summer sun is how much we get to play outside with water. Cohen has had water play on the deck everyday, he loves striping off and running around splashing and filling up all his buckets. Any way to keep cool is fine by me, and all the excitement and learning he gets from finding out how water travels through, over and down things is such a delight to watch...guess there is a positive to all this heat!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Milk head

Its not just hats he likes to wear on his head...

Getting too excited with his baby chino it ended up all over his head! Character is his middle name....


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Too hot to do anything but sleep 

All exhausted from a busy day of play and the summer heat! Needing a recharge before the Cohen chaos much fun.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Time out

Cooling down 

Another killer of a day heat wise, with temps in the mid to high 30's! Cohen and i did everything thing we could to keep cool...lots of water play and lots of glasses of cold iced water. I found our little man taking a minute as he enjoyed is cap full of water in his cart. Looking very calm and content, or maybe just exhausted, none the less rather cute with his old man ways.


The planting

Planting some mint for our herb garden 

Today was so hot we spent most of it out on the deck. We decided to put all this sunshine to good use and plant some herbs to grow for some yummy food. Cohen had a great time "helping" dig the holes and put the seedlings into place. But his favourite by far was the watering! So much fun watching him learn and discover. 


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hide and seek

Saturday afternoon playtime...

When all is quiet in the house you know our little monster is up to no good. I was in the kitchen and realised that i couldn't hear Cohen playing, so i went to investigate. I found him laughing to himself under a pile of pillows on our bed. He thought he was hilarious, hiding where no one would fine him!


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Summer fun

Cohen, Hamish & Eve cooling off 

We had a great morning today with our friends. Escaping the summer heat the toddler pool was filled and 3 excited kids jumped in. They had so much fun slashing and giggling it was a joy to watch. Its days like this i love being a mum!


Friday, 6 January 2012

I'll do it my way

'Feeding' himself 

Agh yes, when toddlers start to learn how to feed themselves, some of the messiest times of all. Cohen is getting the hang of using his cutlery, however is much more efficient when using his fingers (or his whole hand!) and meal times usually result in him starting off with spoon in hand and ending with hands in the mouth and food EVERYWHERE! Lucky we have floor boards and 2 'dust buster' like dogs that are happy to help me 'clean' up after him. Fun times...

Busted using his hands, his reply was to yell then pick up his spoon and pretend i wasn't there! Hhhhhmmmmm i can see the next couple of years is going to be a battle of wills!


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

3 in the Bed

Starting the day 

Now that Cohen has moved into his 'big boy bed' he is able to move freely out of his bed and into ours. It started with calls in the middle of the night from his room to come and get him which we would answer by settling him in his own bed, and now he has taken matters into his own hands and just climbs on in. The first i know that we will have a family sleep over in our room is the weight of a small child ninjaing over me to his middle position. Normally its fine and there is enough room for us all (that is if Cohen decides to sleep vertically not horizontally resulting in kicks to the head)....but as i seam to be expanding at rapid pace these days, things are getting a little squishy. Hopefully we can get him sleeping all night long in his own bed before #2 arrives, otherwise we are going to need a bigger bed!


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mini me

Just like dad...

Winding up having his bottle on the couch with dad, Cohen and Chad look so cute together as they watch the news. Such a cute!


Monday, 2 January 2012

End of our holidays

All tuckered out 

As our holidays draw to an end and i go back to work tomorrow, we find our little man looking quite exhausted, catching some much needed zzzz's after a very busy couple of weeks. With family coming to visit and reno's in full swing our house has been 'all systems go'. As much as its been tiring and i am somewhat looking forward to getting back to "normal" routine...we have achieved quite a bit which is a nice feeling. So over the next couple of months it will most probably be much of the same most weekends as we move towards March when our "normal" routine will be have some major adjustments. Stay tuned...



28 weeks and counting....

As we say hello to a new year, 2012 will most certainly be an eventful one. We will welcome our second edition to the family in March, turn 2, celebrate 4 years of marriage and 12 years together...yep some big milestones ahead, and i can't wait. Lets hope that the Mayans just got lazy and figured 2012 was so far away that they didn't need to worry about continuing there calendar as i have big plans for this year and would hate for it to be our last.

Looking forward to sharing the next 364 days with you all...