Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Things he says...

Our boy's words are slowly but surly started to get strung together to make small sentences and with them comes some very funny statements....

Picking up a piece of ice i had thrown onto the lawn to thaw out... C: "Mum away, hide I want to eat"

Reaching up to the sky...
C:"look moon. want to play with the moon" J: "ok sure, reach up tall"...he reaches with both hands C: "oh mum its a bit high"

Diving head first under the covers while getting dressed in the morning.
J: "Cohen come out and let me dress you" C: "oh mum, brrrrr, its a bit cold"

On turning around to the sound of Willa crying...
J: "Cohen what happened?" C: "Cohen poke Aloe (His name for Willa) eye...Oh no daddy angry...Cohen sit room" (his punishment or 'time out' for doing something wrong is to sit in the middle of his room and not touch anything and come out when he wants to say sorry)...and off he walks to his room.

The joys of having a toddler...


Little Blue

Our little blue eyed girl....
These are going to be dangerous! A very useful tool in getting whatever she wants...She already has Daddy wrapped around her finger. We are going to have a pony in no time.


Monday, 30 July 2012

Everything in the mouth

We are reaching the age when everything and anything is going into the mouth and coming out covered in dribble.....

At least she will be building some serious immunity, which with a big brother in daycare, can only be a good thing...


'P' Pups

Our poor pooches have taken a serious back seat since the arrival of bambino's.

Tonka - aka 'T Truck'

Poppy - aka 'Pop Tart'

At least they have each other to chase around and cause chaos in the backyard....they are seriously inseparable!


Friday, 27 July 2012

Man stuff

Chad has been building a deck in our backyard and Cohen has been in tool heaven. He rushes to get his boots on, and stands at the stairs yelling "Help dad build!?"

He usually down more 'getting in the way, than 'helping', but still he has soooo much fun running around pointing out each of the different tools. Mini master building in the making.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little rolls

I just love the cute little rolls and dimples babies get....

I'm sure as a teenager i'm going to hear all about how she hates the way she looks, so for now i will enjoy my healthy chubba girl.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

A winters afternoon...

I love winter not only because you get to rug up in wonderful layers and toast marshmallows by the fire, but it brings the most beautiful afternoon light. Camera in hand we headed out for an afternoon in the golden sun.

Finding creepy crawly's in the long grass  

just hanging around, being 'male models' haha

 They are so much fun to watch, showing each other all there delights

Always up to no good...

'nothing to see here mum!?'

Such a little man already

The boys!

These are are too cute together, but terrible at sitting still and following orders haha

Love them to the moon and back!

Fletchers version of 'smiling'...

About as close to a smile i am going to get.

Finding treasures 

Cohen will follow Fletch wherever he goes...little shadow!

A moment of stillness...

A rare photo moment

Family love xx

Sorry for such a photo heavy post...