Friday, 17 February 2012


Well its been a while since the last update. Apologies for the slowing in posts....I have now finished work in preparation for the arrival of #2, so hopefully will have a lot more time to 1.capture our days and 2. POST!

For now here are a few recents snaps of life. Its still been hot hot hot here in Qld so we have spent a lot of time our in our new backyard watering the grass and enjoying the sprinkler action. Cohen is such a delight these days, learning more words everyday and becoming such a little man! And a character of course...only time will tell how he takes to his soon to be new role of 'big brother!'

Cohen's version on 'reading on the bus'

 Party and the back - business at the front! We are still trying to grow a fully covered head but our male pattern balding look just won't seam to fill in haha : )

 Sprinklers never ending fun for kids...

 and for dogs!!!